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ICEX celebra el 40 Aniversario de las Becas de Internacionalización

ICEX celebra el 40 Aniversario de las Becas de Internacionalización Foto con el Rey.  El pasado 29 de Julio asistí al aniversario de las Becas ICEX, programa que cumplía su 40ª aniversario y del cual tengo el honor de formar parte, heredando una tradición familiar, dado que mi padre hizo este mismo programa que le llevó a Japón a comienzos de los 80. Hoy día, el papel del Comercio internacional ha quedado relegado en gran medida a empresas multinacionales que realizan el flujo de Inversión extranjera directa (IED) o los organismos supra-nacionales que firman los principales acuerdos como el TTIC o el polémico TTIP. Sin embargo, el poder de los organismos supranacionales, no ha conseguido suprimir del todo el protagonismo de los Estados en el diseño de su política comercial. En este sentido, los entes de promoción desempeñan un papel clave.

5 ways to learn languages without moving from your place.

Heysel, Brussels. Summer is the perfect time to travel, at least that's what most people think. You enjoy from spare time to do anything you want: reading a book, watching almost unrestfully a tv serie you have been following for a long time, or just keep yourself in shape by doing  sports you like. However, there is always something missing, to stay motivated during your free time. Usually,  that may concern language learning, and unfortunately there are many people struggling when it comes to  learning a new language , .The good news are that you no longer need to travel to improve your skills. There are many resources available to schedule your own learning process as you can see here . A few years ago, most young people felt they had to travel to a foreign country during summer time so they could improve their level and get involved in a new culture. That eventually led to a waste of time: as it was more likely to meet people  from your country that meeting locals,  an