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5 lessons I learnt from the #StartupAfricasummit

In the #StartupAfricasummit 2016 in Casablanca When you start thinking about Africa , there are always a few common prejudices that come to your mind, basically everything related to violence, poverty, ethnic cleasing or corruption . I cannot blame on you for that particular reason, as this is what the average western citizen sees on the news everytime he decides to turn on his TV. But Africa, despite all its struggles, is much more than that, and unfortunatelly most of the great news coming from this part of the World remain unknown. However, thanks to a valuable number of commited people, there are more and more blogs and websides offering a more optimistic vision on what is happening on the "forgotten" continent. A clear example on this are blogs like this one , giving a whole panoramic analysis on the African continent for spanish speaking people. In some anglosaxon or french-speaking  blogs, there are also many options to follow the exciting changes that are t

Primeras impresiones de Marruecos.

En la mezquita de Hassan II, la segunda más grande del Mundo islámico. Ha pasado ya más de una semana desde mi aterrizaje en   Casablanca , tiempo suficiente para extraer unas primeras impresiones. Si bien ya me habían advertido q ue España y Marruecos, pese a ser dos vecinos próximos son muy distintos entre sí , me han bastado unos días aquí para constatar este hecho. Basta con acudir al informe del Índice de Desarrollo Humano que sitúa a Marruecos en la posición 129 o el de Amnistía Internacional que resalta la desigualdad existente entre estos dos países, equiparable a la de México con EE.UU, algo que preocupa  en un periodo turbulento como el actual.